Welcome to FB Traffic Enigma


Module 1

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: How To Brand Yourself

Video 3: Create Your Own Branding Logo


Module 2

Video 1: How To Add Members To Your FB Group (Traffic)

Video 2: How To Find a Good Solo Ad Vendor

Video 3: How To Get Free Solo Ads

Video 4: Squeeze Page Set Up


Module 3

Video 1: Interacting With Your FB Group

Video 2: How I Made $40 By Sharing a Story


Module 4

Video 1: How To Make Money With Your FB Group

Video 2: Live Case Study Day '0'

Video 3: Live Case Study 24 Hour Result

Video 4: Live Case Study Pre Selling an Affiliate Offer

Video 5: Live Case Study Creating an Event

Video 6: Live Case Study Example of a  Video Review

Video 7: Live Case Study Posting Your Offer

Extra Resources: