Attention: Are You Trying To Create Online Income Streams And Failing?

The Future Of Your

Online Income Is Here

(I'm taking you by the hand!)

I N   T H E   W O R L D   O F   O N L I N E   B U S I N E S S ,   A  N E W   D A Y   H A S   C O M E.


The ‘old’ ways of creating online income streams simply don’t work anymore.

Being stuck in your old ways won't create the business — or the life you want.

That’s because the so called "gurus" are NOT worried about you...

Their only interest is to sell you their new product and/or service.

These products however, are often times re-hashed, not working or lack proper support and leave you dissatisfied.

Building an online business in this environment is almost IMPOSSIBLE.

You need a NEW, FRESH way of approaching your online income...

Today’s online world is much different to what it used to be just a few years back.

And it keeps on changing. What worked just a year ago, probably won’t work today…

That’s why you need to stay on top of new trends and updates – which can be hard.

That alone can be a full time job – if you don’t have any support.

That’s why you see more and more people bonding into online communities.

The only way to really have your business succeed online is to build it on the foundation that works not only today, but which will continue to work years into the future.

Building a Successful Online Business Is Possible…

The only question is – are you going to try alone of with a group of dedicated supporters and friends?

Sick And Tired Of The
Everyday Rat Race?

Let’s face it.

Working a 9 to 5 for someone else is EXHAUSTING.

You're not only under-appreciated every single day... you are in a constantly stressing environment too.

There’s ALWAYS something you need to do after hours or on the weekends - when you should be off, with your family and friends.

That would be fine, if you would feel appreciated by your boss - but you're probably not.

And most of the time, you just can't wait to finish your 8 hour day of work (or longer) to go back and spend some time with your family and friends.

It really feels like you're just chasing that paycheck every month, that's never big enough anyways.

You’re Over whelmed Overworked and (way too often) Underpaid.

Not exactly the dream of freedom and financial flush you signed up for!

A Message From Art Of
Marketing Founder Art Flair

Founder Art Flair

Yes, I can totally relate.

I still had a "real" 9 to 5 job not so long ago - up until 2014.

Before trying to create my online income stream I spent YEARS working
for other people and... it really drained my energy and took me away from the things and people I love.

I was on a hamster wheel and even though I was going as fast as I could - it was never fast enough.

I spent my (8-14 hour) days, doing things that would have absolutely no positive impact on my life.

That's what's called "Living from paycheck to paycheck".


And yes, I tired a bunch of different jobs and even tried to climb that ladder...

After 12 years... I needed a change.

Even though I had no background in anything close to the online world, I found myself fascinated by the fact that people were able to make money online - from the comfort of their own homes (or anywhere else they felt like being in the world).

I knew that the possibilities online were endless.

So I started small... after trying a bunch of different online business models (and failing) I finally found something that worked for a complete beginner like me, at the time.

I started offering simple services to people online - with no website, no traffic, no paid ads and absolutely no experience or tech skils.

Without even knowing it, I started creating my 7 figure online business right there and then.

And I was shocked at how quickly EVERYTHING changed.

I mean everything.

Almost overnight, I was able to finally quit my 9 to 5 job (after 12 years) and started living off of my freshly created online income stream.

This was the BEST THING to ever happen to my professional life.

Six years ago, I started Art Of Marketing and today I ask you to join me in my journey inside Art Of Marketing Elite.


Let Me Help You!

I would kill for an opportunity like this when I first got into the online income world.

Back then I was lost, overwhelmed, unsure of myself and I didn't even know what to expect...

I was also curious, motivated, optimistic and had a goal in my mind.

All you need to do is understand who and where YOU are right now.

And don't worry - I'll be here to help you to figure all of this out.

Inside Art Of Marketing Elite your rat race will be finally over.

You have An UNFAIR Advantage.

(The only question is are you willing to use it?)

Being a member of Art Of Marketing Elite gives you an UNFAIR advantage simply because of the support system.

I'll make sure that you're on the right path right from the beginning.

Just imagine having an experienced 7 figure marketer by your side every step of the way.

And it's not just me that you have for support - we are a community.

As our Elite Club grows, we are all getting stronger and more powerful in this online world.

If I've learnt anything during my time online, is that RELATIONSHIPS with other online entrepreneurs is EVERYTHING!

AND… this will no longer be ‘just’ about a product or service you sell but will be about building an online empire you will greatly benefit from - and not only you, your family too.

You'll finally be free to expand your online business according to your interests and no longer be ‘stuck’ where you are right now.

Art Of Marketing Elite

And remember - Art Of Marketing Elite is not just about you but the impact you can have on your friends and family.

Because the whole point of Art Of Marketing Elite is to firstly create an online income stream for you... and then share that with OTHER PEOPLE so they too can live better lives.

That is exactly what Art Of Marketing Elite is - not just a cute name or slick sales slogan. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

An amazing new way of creating an online income stream.

This will transform your life.

And the world of everyone who is lucky enough to be in your life.

The moment you enter the club, you access a complete roadmap, a world-class library of resources and a community to encourage you and my personal support.

Not to mention, you will get instant access to a number of like-minded people who are trying to do the same exact thing as you do - create an online income stream from scatch.

Think of it as the Money University for today’s online entrepreneurs that you never got to go to.


Art Of Marketing Elite

So the question is HOW can you become a member of Art Of Marketing Elite?

You need to discover what is that you want to do online, find your ideal client, build a presence online and then market and monetize your online business.

To do all of that on your own would be super hard if not impossible.

Which is PRECISELY why I created the Art Of Marketing Elite.

Inside, you get EVERYTHING you will ever need to start creating your online income.


Art knows a thing or two about creatign online incoem streams - he´s been creating and launching his own products with great success for years! I was a complete newbie when I launched my own product with him, and with his help, I finally started my own online business.

You just can´t go wrong working with Art!

Tatiana Di Maio

So What Exactly Do I Get?

Art Of Marketing Elite is built on 3 pillars:

The Library

When you enter the Art Of Marketing Elite member's area, you will get IMMEDIATE access to my exclusive video training which delivers ONE over-the-shoulder training video per day.

This way you won't get overwhelmed and you can start going through everything at your own pace.

The content is being released to you over time and I'm ALWAYS adding more exciting training, case studies, cheat sheets and more.

The library is World-Class, always growing and includes the following:

Live Monthly Q&A Sessions

This is where I answer all of your questions personally:

  • Ask me anything
  • You won't get stuck at any point
  • You can submit your questions before the Live Q&A
  • All sessions are recorded
  • You have access to all previous sessions
  • Exclusive for Members Only

Signature Monthly Interviews/Workshops

Every single month I'll be bringing in a world-class online marketer and I'll either interview him/her or we'll do a Live Workshop together for you:

  • Access World's Top Online Earners
  • Ask them questions/advice
  • Secret, never before released information
  • 100% content - no pitch at the end like on other webinars
  • Get inspired by Top 1% marketers in the world

First-Class Expert Support & access to the community

I'm here to give you guidance on how to handle common challenges and resolve any technical issues PLUS the community that we're creating will do the same for you:

  • Private Member's Only FB Mastermind Group
  • We all support each other
  • My personal support via email
  • Access to me via FB & Skype if needed
  • If you're really struggling, I'll call you to help you out personally

Here's What Top Marketers Are
Saying About Art Of Marketing Elite:

I met Art back in 2013 and he was a total newbie back then... He was able to go from that to selling 7 figures worth of products online. He is no Guru but if you're looking for someone to take you by the hand and show how this business works - he is the one to do it.

He made 7 figures in sales online - he can definitely show you how to do it too!

Fergal Downes

I had a pleasure to meet Art Flair (and his lovely wife) in person back in October 2017. This guy is the real deal... He has worked hard to get to be where he is at today... And he has track record as real proof. Over 50 successful product launches under his belt. 7 figures in sales online while living where he wants to live. The best part, unlike some “big guys” in the industry, he is totally down to earth. He got to be where he is with dedication and following simple steps... which you are about to learn inside his membership group.

You won’t regret joining his membership program as this really does work. I use a lot of the information in my own business as well.

Ivana Bosnjak

The Roadmap

Every important journey needs a map.
That’s precisely why I have created a detailed
roadmap just for you - you just need to follow it.

  • Never made a single sale online? No worries - I'll show you how & where to start.
  • We will set realistic goals every single month.
  • We will focus on growing step by step - at your own pace.
  • We will set up your profiles and everything else you need to start making sales online.
  • Making your 1st sale is exciting - now let's make it a habit.
  • You will set your monthly goals here - how much do you want to earn online each month?
  • We will continue to grow while making sure you're not getting overwhelmed.
  • We will add different tips & tricks that will allow you to make more while working less
  • Making a few hundred bucks a month is cool - having a 4-5 figure per month online business is cooler.
  • We will focus on letting other people do the work for you, so you have more time to focus on things that matter.
  • We will branch out to earn more and to seize more opportunities online
  • The sky is the limit here - I made 7 figures online... you can too!

I worked with Art on a number of different projects and I can honestly tell you that he is the real deal when it comes to online income. If there's anyone who can teach you how to go from Zero to Real Monthly Online Income, it is Art.

Make sure to join his membership program while you still can - I know that he is very busy and probably won't keep it open for long...

Greg Kononenko

The Art Of Marketing Elite Community

Most online businesses are built on RELATIONSHIPS. So it’s not at all surprising that the real magic of our Art Of Marketing Elite lies in our COMMUNITY.

Think of it as a meeting place for like-minded individuals, who all want to succeed online and who exchange information on how to do it.

It is a rich and vibrant place where you will meet like-minded entrepreneurs who want to do things differently. Together you will share success secrets, practical tips and ‘lessons learned’ as well as give each other encouragement and support.

Our conversations all take place during the Q&A sessions, interviews/workshops and constantly inside our Facebook group.

You will even find accountability partners inside the group.

Plans for the future - live meetups! Yes, we will have those too.

And There’s More…!

But that’s not all. Because I will also share some unbelievable
bonuses the minute you check into Art Of Marketing Elite.

You will get access to…

A Secection Of My WSOTD Awarded Courses

($997 Value)

You will get access to a treasure chest of my super-exclusive WSOTD Awarded courses, many of which are no longer available for sale.

TWO Exclusive Interviews

($497 Value)

An interview reveals so much more than any kind of video training - and you're getting TWO of these, where myself and some special guests are sharing all of the industry secrets.

A Done-For-You Platinum Pack

($497 Value)

I'm not just going to show you how to start creating your online income - I will actually do some of the work for you! It's a massive time saver on your part + you get to skip all the testing and failures!

What About The Investment?

I honestly want to help as many people as I possibly can.

That’s precisely why I have kept the investment to join Art Of Marketing Elite as low as possible.

You can choose to pay $27 monthly or get our most popular annual package where you get One Full Month For FREE.

Just think.

These affordable prices translates into an investment of less than $1 a day—probably less than you pay for a cup of coffee!

Here’s a wrap-up of everything you will get:

  • Full Access to the Video Training Library
  • Fresh Training Videos added every single month
  • Live Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Live Monthly Interviews/Workshops
  • Full Access to the FB Mastermind Group
  • Unlimited Access to Additional Un-announced Monthly Workshops
  • A Selection of my WSOTD Awarded Courses
  • A Done-For-You Platinum Pack
  • BONUS: Two Interviews
  • My Personal Support
  • The Ability To Promote Art Of Marketing Elite As An Affiliate!
  • Full Access to the Video Training Library
  • Fresh Training Videos added every single month
  • Live Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Live Monthly Interviews/Workshops
  • Full Access to the FB Mastermind Group
  • Unlimited Access to Additional Un-announced Monthly Workshops
  • A Selection of my WSOTD Awarded Courses
  • A Done-For-You Platinum Pack
  • BONUS: Two Interviews
  • My Personal Support
  • The Ability To Promote Art Of Marketing Elite As An Affiliate!

14 Day No Asked Money Back Guarantee

I'm extremely confident that you’ll find being part of Art Of Marketing Elite useful in more ways than one. But, if for whatever reason you don’t feel the same, just let me know at any point in your first 14-days and we’ll send you a full refund. Guaranteed.

Art is such an experienced marketer & the guidance he has given me over the past few years has transformed my business. You want to follow & learn from people who have been successful & Art has a proven track record & reputation in this space. If you are really serious about taking your online business & earnings to the next level don’t even think twice about it.

Seize this opportunity because they don’t come around too often.

Aidan Corkery


Here are some answers to the questions I get most frequently…

Q: How do I know if Art Of Marketing Elite is right for me?

If you’re trying to create an online income stream but you can quite figure it out or you're struggling to take your online business to the next level, being a member of the Art Of Marketing Elite WILL help you.

It’s been proven time and time again that if you learn from the best and surround yourself with likeminded people, your success will soar. Art Of Marketing Elite is a place that is focused on making sure that nobody gets left behind in their online pursuits.

We’re a family and we make sure that we ALL succeed.

Q: What kind of results can I expect to get from the Art Of Marketing Elite?

While I obviously can’t ‘guarantee’ results, the participants in the club tell us that when they take action, they see a DIRECT effect on their online income and business momentum—from growth to profits.

Inside the community, I PROMISE to provide you with absolutely everything you need—the best expert know-how, support, encouragement and accountability and a roadmap that will allow you to build, market and monetize your online presense.

Q: How much time will I need to invest in Art Of Marketing Elite?

You’ll get out of Art Of Marketing Elite exactly what you put into it!

Some of our members are inside the community daily (it shows in their amazing success!). Some log-in a couple of times each week to catch up, brainstorm and consume a little content.

The fact is, it's different for everyone. However, with that being said I recommend logging in as regularly so you can go through the training at a steady pace, connect with other members, and revel in the support, opportunities, and accountability.

Q: As a member of the Art Of Marketing Elite, will I get direct access to you, Art?

Yes! Absolutely.

I no longer offer one-on-one coaching (I used to charge up to $2,000) – this is because I'm totally committing myself to the Art Of Marketing Elite Community. I spend a certain amount of time in the FB Mastermind Group on a weekly basis, answering questions and providing feedback, as well as hosting our Live Q&A calls and interviews/workshops each month.

I remain the central player in everything that happens within the Art Of Marketing Elite Family.

Q: Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?

The Art Of Marketing Elite membership is billed on a monthly or annual basis. Because of this we operate on a no-refund policy except for in the first 14-days of your membership, when you can cancel at any time, and will receive a full refund.

If at some point you feel that the community is no longer a fit, just let us know and we'll cancel your membership. You'll have access right up to the end of your membership period, and you'll not be charged again.

However, if you join the community and genuinely take action, you’ll never want to leave, let alone a refund!

The Future Of Your Online Income Is Here

(I'm taking you by the hand!)

Art Of Marketing Elite MONTHLY

  • Full Access to the Video Training Library
  • Fresh Training Videos added every single month
  • Live Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Live Monthly Interviews/Workshops
  • Full Access to the FB Mastermind Group
  • Unlimited Access to Additional Un-announced Monthly Workshops
  • A Selection of my WSOTD Awarded Courses
  • A Done-For-You Platinum Pack
  • BONUS: Two Interviews
  • My Personal Support
  • The Ability To Promote Art Of Marketing Elite As An Affiliate!

Art Of Marketing Elite ANNUAL
Get One Month Free

  • Full Access to the Video Training Library
  • Fresh Training Videos added every single month
  • Live Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Live Monthly Interviews/Workshops
  • Full Access to the FB Mastermind Group
  • Unlimited Access to Additional Un-announced Monthly Workshops
  • A Selection of my WSOTD Awarded Courses
  • A Done-For-You Platinum Pack
  • BONUS: Two Interviews
  • My Personal Support
  • The Ability To Promote Art Of Marketing Elite As An Affiliate!

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