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That’s right. The reason we call this the “Profit Robot” is because the profits are automated. What does that even mean?

It means once you send traffic to where we show you…

The rest is done behind the scenes.

Your traffic gets taken through an automated process that practically FORCES them to BUY offers from you…

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FINALLY: A COMPLETELY New Way To Build A Passive Income With
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Let’s Do Some Math…

Let’s say you start with one passive income machine...

this is exactly how it works.

You pick a simple offer.

Perhaps an offer that pays you $5 for getting someone to sign up to a site to make money taking surveys.

You pay $10 in traffic to run to the offer, using my special traffic source.

15 people sign up to the offer. 15 x 5 is $75.

Your first passive income machine is a massive success!

You are spending $10 and making $75 back.

Now you can set up as many as you like…

Plus, you can easily scale up each spend for profitable campaigns and make way more than $75/day per machine.

That means you have tons of options with this and can take it very far...

Traffic Problem: Solved With My Perfect Traffic Source

The problem is free traffic is too slow…

SEO is too risky…

I needed a way to get fast traffic for cheap that wasn’t expensive FB ads or outdated Google ads…

So I finally found the best traffic source

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I have been profiting on total autopilot ever since…

And I reveal exactly how to build your passive income machines using my traffic source, step by step, so ANYONE can do it 🙂


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CPA PIRATE is a completely new, NEVER BEFORE TAUGHT Case Study and step by step course showing how anyone can build a passive income without selling anything, by setting up passive income machines with CPA and my secret traffic source that run on total autopilot.

CPA combined with my secret traffic source is the easiest way to build as many passive income machines as you like!

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More specifically, this is exactly how this will go:

  • Never have to worry about trying to sell your product or someone else’s product ever again
  • Never have to burn a hole in your wallet because you went through your whole traffic budget and didn’t make a penny
  • Never worry about HOW to get the right traffic, my exact traffic source and setup are explained in baby steps
  • Save massive time and money by focusing on what’s already working for me
  • Tap into easy profits without needing to many any sales.
  • It is SO much easier to get people to put their email into a form and get paid for that.

Here’s How CPA Pirate Works,

In Just 3 Simple Steps:

  • STEP 1

    Set up your first CPA offer with my traffic source (your first passive income machine)

  • STEP 2

    Watch your machine grow, scale it up

  • STEP 3

    Rinse and repeat with more machines as many times as you like!

Earning 3 Figures Every Singe Day Is Easy with CPA Pirate:

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Finally Drive Traffic With Profit…

Let’s be honest...

SEO takes a long time, and most paid traffic is expensive and risky.

Now, you’ll be able to use a cheap and highly responsive traffic source, spending as little as $5-$10/day and turning it into more and more profits 🙂

Comes With Full Step by Step Training Newbies:

Don’t worry at all about not knowing how this works.

We break down everything from start to finish so you can generate fast, free traffic with ease in any niche.

Comes With Proven Case Study Of Our Results Doing This:

“But guys...does this actually work?” Of course, and we are including our results to prove it!

We have gotten scammed many times and would never do that to you.

We tested this and we use it in our business every day, the only difference is now you’ll be able to tap in, too.

Who Is CPA Pirate For?

  • Anyone who doesn’t have thousands to spend on paid traffic
  • Anyone sick and tired of getting burned with FB ads, Adwords, and other pricey options
  • Anyone looking to get easy cheap high converting traffic
  • Anyone who wants to build passive profits online

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See You On The Inside,

Pallab & Art

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this all about?

    This is a simple method that ANYONE can use to get a bunch of penny clicks and quickly start making $300+ per day.

  • Do I need to create a product?

    No product creation or anything complicated is required.

  • What if I don’t have any “tech” skills or online experience?

    No “tech” skills, email list, or prior experience is required. All you need is CPA Pirate, and you’re good to go.

  • Do I have to pay for traffic?

    Yes, but you can start with as low as $5 a day… The core to this method is getting tons of penny clicks, highly-targeted traffic that you can easily monetize into $300+ days.

  • What makes this different than other course out there?

    We don’t just tell you how this works. We show you. Inside, you’ll get access to an “over the shoulder” case study that gives you everything you need to profit like crazy.

  • How much will I make with this method?

    Although you can scale this as big as you want, and even use this method to quit your job, we’ll show you how to get to an easy $300 per day on a VERY part-time basis…

  • How soon will I get results?

    You WILL make money this week… although it’s very possible to be stuffing your PayPal with cash as soon as tomorrow.

  • How much to get access?

    Right now, you can get in for less than $17. But, don’t wait. The price is going up….

  • Is there a guarantee?

    Yes, you get a full 30 days to make sure this is for you. If for any reason this isn’t up your alley, just let us know, and we’ll refund your tiny investment… No questions asked!

  • How do I get started RIGHT NOW?

    Click the button below now for INSTANT ACCESS!

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