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Got 5 minutes? Make $80 each time you do this...


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Ever heard of: Flipping?

No? Flipping is a Zero Risk passive income formula which has been tested and proven to work for years now... ther are a number of different variants of this method and it ALWAYS generates easy and consistent profits.

The concept behind it? Buy low, Sell high

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So... got 5 minutes to spare?

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FLIPPED is new flipping/arbitrage formula that we perfected just for you: a Complete BRAINLESS Formula you can implement by the end of the day today!

Flipping (or Arbitrage) is very well tested and proven to work over and over again formula for making money - it works, even when implemented the "old school" way...

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FLIPPED - our unique approach to ethical online income in minutes without working hard - others do all the work.You heard right - no product, no list, no website...

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Copy & Paste Online Arbitrage Formula

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Make $20-$80 profit on each Flip - al you need to do is Copy & Paste

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The EASIEST Online Flipping Hack

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Literally anyone can pick this up, implement the same day and see Real Results of this formula working VERY FAST, without working hard, spending a ton of Cash!

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FLIPPED is a brand new arbitrage formula - very few people know about it and even less are actually using it.

FLIPPED is a brand new arbitrage formula - very few people know about it and even less are actually using it.

We focus on an overlooked area when it comes to arbitrage - and it's pretty crazy because EVERYONE wants these services.

Anyone that does this makes an absolute killing - and there's no end to how many customers you can have.

If you've ever tried arbitrage, you know how POWERFUL it is...

Regular evryday people that aren't marketers have been using it for YEARS to make a steady online income...

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Hey and welcome to FLIPPED... My Name is Art Flair and together with Pallab Ghosal I'd like to invite you to take a look at this crazy secret formula...

Give us just 5 minutes of your time and we'll reveal to you a 100% ethical way of creating evergreen income streams with a simple "Copy & Paste"

You don't need a list, a product, a website, or even money to invest.

And trust me... you've never even thought about doing this to earn money online...

Another Quick Question...

What you think is the biggest online "niche" right now? Well, it's actually a multiple billion dollar per year industry - eCommerce - which is just a glorified "Buying Low - Selling High" model.

Even before the internet was invented, that what kept the world spinning!

Flipping or Arbitrage is simply a new spin on it - and it's actually MUCH EASIER to implement.

  • You find out what people want and need to buy (we've actually done this for you already)
  • You find a place where you can buy it cheaply (we show you where)
  • You sell it at a higher price and cash in on the difference
  • If done as we show you, you're earning $20-$80 per Flipp - and you can do it multiple times a day
  • There's no risk as you're accepting the payment for it upfront!

You can see how powerful this is, right?

Now... consider other online business models:

  • Do you have a bunch of money to spend, just to start?
  • Do you have the time for the implementation, testing, tweaking, runnign campaigns etc?
  • Do you know how to create websites or where to hire a professional that's worth your money?
  • How long can you go without actually seeing results? Days, Weeks, Months?

Apart of the above there's also the technical aspects which you can lose HOURS of work on if you're not sure how to do...

Let me just tell you - with FLIPPED, you can forget about all that!

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If you'll figure out how to do it the right way (we'll show you how), you can keep on doing it for as long as you want - spending 5 minutes each time!

It absolutely works...

We will take you by the hand
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Here's a quick sum up:

  • A service that EVERYONE needs
  • No one else really does what you will
  • A little known yet very effective formula
  • $20-$80 on each Flipp
  • Copy & Paste simple

Just follow the steps we reveal to you, and you got yourself an online incoem stream.

You probably want to know how it's done... will you be able to repeat what we do?EASILY - not only is it simple to implement... very few people are actually doing this.

And because we've been doing this for so long, we know the ins and outs of this system!

Before we go any further...

Would you be able to recognise an amazing income opportunity, if you had it right before your eyes?

To us, if it fills these requirements, it's a GO:

  • Simple and easy to implement
  • Fast results - in hours, not weeks
  • Easily repeatable - you don't want to be figuring things out each time
  • Scalable. From $20-$80 to 1000s per month

If you agree with all of the above, keep on reading!


It's Simple and ANYONE Can Do This

If you agree with all of the above, keep on reading!

5 Minute Copy & Paste Formula

FLIPPED reveals this new exciting arbitrage opportunity for the first time ever!

We've taken a simple arbitrage formula and flipped it on its head!

1. A service EVERY single person online needs

2. A place where you can get it from cheaply and then re-sell easily


The Easiest Online Flipping Formula

Got 5 minutes? Make $80 each time you do this...

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FLIPPED reveals exactly what and where to buy.

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You collect all the money upfront - that's why there's absolutely Zero Risk to it!

You don't need to do any work, apart of the Copy-Paste we show you.

An Online Income Stream Created in MINUTES!

 This is as close to a Passive Income stream as you can get, without investing Thousands of Dollars online.

- No Website, Hosting or Domains

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Seriously - ANY Newbie Can Earn This Way!

Want to see real results and money in your bank account this week?

If you'll answer YES to all 6 of the following points, FLIPPED is for you:

  • You don't want to create a product
  • You don't have a Marketing Degree
  • You don't want to spend weeks on setting up an eComerce store
  • You don't have a lot of free time
  • You don't have Thousands of Dollars to invest
  • You want to see results ASAP

We've been there - wanting to make money online but not having the faintest idea about where to start...

FLIPPED is SIMPLE - this means that you can implement it today and see results by tomorrow!

You're leveraging two things: a service that EVERYONE wants and other people's work...

This makes it the smartest, easiest way to make money online. That's it.

$20-$80 per Flipp is great -but is it scalable?

Yes, and it's actually quite easy! There are HUNDREDS of hungry buyers ready to buy from you over and over again.

You'll be positioning yourself where the money is - between the provider and the buyer!

Someone else already did the hard work, all you have to do is present their service to a buyer (which are super easy to find btw).

One Flipp takes 5 minutes - imagine how much you can earn in just 60 minutes a day...

All you need to do is Copy & Paste so you can do this easily over and over and over again.

The Easiest Online Flipping Formula

Can you Copy-Paste? If you can, STOP jumping from course to course, without ever implementing anything because it's too hard.

Follow the FLIPPED Formula - it's easy and it's fun!

Step-by-step Video Training - we wil show you exactly how to use this arbitrage formula from start to finish.

You've Never Seen anythign So Easy To Implement! 5 Minutes is All You Need...

FLIPPED is the Ultimate Formula for Online Profits.

Carefully designed video training modules will walk you through the whole process inside the Members Area.

As promised - it's NOT overwhelming! We'll reveal our 5 minute Copy & Paste trick, which makes everythign easy. Even a complete newcomer can do this - we'll take you by the hand and walk you through the whole system.

It's Copy & Paste Simple

Most Flipps will result in $20-$80 in pure profit.

You'll understand the POWER of FLIPPED once the first payout hits your bank account...

  • Copy & Paste simple
  • Zero Risk: You're paid upfront each time

Finally! A SIMPLE Online Income Formula that works the same day!

Implement FLIPPED today - make money by tomorrow.

You can easily HIJACK Big Time online income in 5 minutes flat.

If you know how arbitrage works, you know that there's no website or hosting set up, no keyword research, no competition analysis and no other techy stuff you know nothing about.

Let Others Do The Work
Cash In BIG On The Price Difference

I'm Sure That By Now You Realize How Powerful FLIPPED is...

We like to Keep It Simple and that's how we designed this formula to work:

  • Start MAKING MONEY instead of just spending it
  • Forget about all the COMPLICATED Online Systems that take weeks to implement
  • 5 Minutes is all you need to see Real Results by this time tomorrow

Art, How Much Can I Realistically Make With This?

Let's be conservative and say that you'll only make 2 sales a day with a $40 average - that's $80 a day!

$80 a day x 7 days in a week = $560 per week

$560 per week x 4 weeks in a month = $2240 per month

AND that's just working 10 minutes a day - assuming you won't be getting more than 2 orders!

Remember... you can easily SCALE IT UP, even to 5 figures per month in profit.

Even if you'll just get ONE order a day, that's still an extra $1120 - where else can you make 4 figures in 5 minutes a day?

Grab FLIPPED today, see results by tomorrow!

How would you feel if by this time tomorrow you'd get your first order - or a few?

I know that you'll implement it, just because all you have to do is Copy & Paste a small listing - that's it!

$100s or even $1000's a Week in extra income without a product, list, website or any of that other time consuming and expensive stuff.

STOP dreaming about an online income - today you can actually do something about it!